Know About 7 Layers/Bodies of Humans In Spirituality!

There are 7 layers/bodies of humans in spirituality. The first body also called as the physical body, it is visible to the naked eye and we all know about it a lot. Beyond the physical body, there exists a second body, called as the etheric body. There is the third body usually referred as an astral body which is beyond the etheric body.

Now beyond the astral body; there is the mental body. The fifth body, i.e. the spiritual body, is after mental body; beyond it, there is the cosmic body. And beyond all, there resides our seventh body which is basically, bodiless body or nirvanic body.

7 Layers/Bodies of Humans In Spiritual Realm

1st Body – Physical Body [Layer]

All physical functioning allowing us to exist on the material plane – including physical sensations, feelings, physical pain & pleasure. Also associated with automatic functions of the body.

Right from one’s birth till the first seven years of their life, the physical body is built up while the rest six bodies are in seed form. Though, they remain dormant in the starting of life but have the scope of development.

For the above mentioned years, there is not much of a growth in aspects of emotions, intellect & other understandings. The physical body alone develops within this period. This is one of the 7 layers/bodies of humans in spirituality.

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2nd Body – Emotional Body [Layer]

All the emotional patterns that makes up our personality are contained in this layer. This is the vehicle through which we experience feelings and emotional life.

So, after seven years till fourteen years is the time period of emotional development of the person. Be it puberty, sexual maturity, and other growth takes place here.

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3rd Body – Mental Body [Layer]

This is associated with linear thinking. Both the conscious & unconscious minds are active here generating thoughts, desires, fantasies & fears – it never rests unless we are meditating.

Here is the age where psyche is fully developed taking you onto some beautiful experiences. For an individual, or say a civilization to become mature & evolving, this 3rd body needs to be grown completely. And this one of the 7 layers or bodies of human in spirituality has the potential to develop telepathy, clairvoyance, hypnotism & even astral projection.

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4th Body – Etheric Body [Layer]

It is associated with the heart chakra that creates & metabolizes the energy of love – for others around us – & this world. So, there are hyperphysical possibilities here but can stay undeveloped due to menaces in the society. So, it is a fact to remember that the mental body is totally subjective while the astral body is objective.

5th Body – Spiritual Body [Layer]

It relates to the higher will connected with the divine will. The throat chakra is the power of transforming thought into word, listening & taking responsibility for our actions. This layer represents the divine spark and bears our High Self.

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6th Body – Cosmic Body [Layer]

It is associated with celestial & divine love transcending human love & encompasses all life. We come to this
state through meditation & inner work realising that there is no separation between ourselves and all other being.

The Unified Field of the Body, Mind & Spirit - Denise O'Dunn

7th  Body – Nirvanic Body[Layer]

This is associated with the higher mind & integration as one with our spiritual life. The outer form is the egg
shape of the aura containing all the energy bodies related to our present incarnation.

So, we need to work on cleansing and clearing these energies is very necessary as in time we tend to get stuck and start to feel these dense energies.

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