Believe In The Power Of Quantum Healing – Your Mind, Body & Soul!

Ancient indigenous cultures saw healing as the experience of wholeness, an integration of mind-body-spirit that occurred through ‘the gift of spirit’. This led to revelations of sacred rituals and prayers designed to attune humans to their spiritual essence. To me healing is a quantum, alchemical practice of consistently transmuting density to light, stagnation to flow, stuckness to spin.

In the UK today 93% of patients who receive spiritual and energy healing report immediate benefits to both their physical and mental health conditions.

Spiritual Healing In The Pandemic

Spirituality is associated with improved emotional resilience and well being particularly among vulnerable groups and in times of crisis.

The pandemic has led to an increase in depression, anxiety, distress, and insomnia and fears are now emerging of longer term viral fatigue and neural toxicity .

Studies show that people with spiritual practices have been able to cultivate personal growth, meaning making, optimism, gratitude and peace even during this pandemic.

I’ve noticed this myself in my practice with Trance Energetic Healing and QHHT and Quantum shift Healing. At a time of paradigm shift, those without access to their inner landscape, the depths of their spirit, are easily blown away by each current of global unrest. Substantial personal meaning making in this pandemic is inherently a spiritual affair

Despite well known benefits of spirituality to mental health and wellbeing mainstream public health care has largely ignored its role in both treatment and prevention.

Energy Healing-Understanding and Using It to Change Life

The Power Of Your Belief!

Most institutions especially public ones are steeped in self limiting dichotomies, bound by reels of red tape (mental vs physical, prevention vs treatment) and fixated on false dilemmas i.e. constantly treating symptoms instead of identifying the holistic root causes which are usually embedded in traumatic experiences or ancestral trauma.

As a result we now live in a world where in spite of the apparent technological advances in healthcare research and life sciences, every third person suffers from multiple chronic health conditions and the burden of mental health issues and substance use disorders is increasing.

Belief, intention and healing outcomes – as ‘stress is one of the biggest causes of epigenetic change’ and research in the field of psychoneuroendocrinology describes how belief systems, trauma and stress are unconsciously embodied from one generation to the next.

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The bridge between quantum phenomena, physiological healing processes and spiritual practices is frequently cited as belief.

Studies show belief plays a crucial part in the outcome of healing.

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Beliefs are often conditioned constraints of the psyche inherited from parents, family, community, culture, friends, media and personal experiences including spiritual ones such as past life impressions and karmic cycles.

They are both conscious and unconscious and ‘ripple through the quantum fabric of the universe’ and affect sympathetic nervous system response, vagal tone and physiological conditions.

But Does A Person Need To Believe In Healing To Heal?

Consciousness as frequency of embodied light. Belief has become an imperfect proxy for the more relevant but tricky to measure on a self reporting survey – depth of consciousness.

Belief is a continuous state of embodied consciousness measured as frequency of light along a spectrum that is influenced by self knowledge and that is a catalyst for self empowerment.

Self consciousness and belief is reinforced through direct experiences of wholeness – of body-mind-spirit integration leading to embodied self empowerment. This is related to self consciousness, spiritual intelligence and subtle energetic sensitivity. It leads to the ability to harness frequency in healing processes for self and others.

Whilst the therapeutic relationship is an important factor in the healing outcome so is the practitioner’s state of consciousness/frequency of embodied light. I have noticed this in my own practice where deepening in spirit and self alters the vibrational quality of light which allows vaster amounts of information to permeate through the same degree of attuned awareness such that presence itself, becomes healing.

The healing result with embodied depth and in high frequencies is deeper, more profoundly transformative and the process is faster. This is often why people work with plant medicines and other spiritual tools -to access higher frequencies. The real alchemy is in self sustaining that vibrational state consistently.

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How Does Your Healing Happen?

When working with a healer who has extensively purified their energy system and transmuted density to light, the light is stable at high frequencies, there is less variance, disturbance and refraction. Refraction is the phenomenon of light being deflected. Essentially what this means is a consistent and powerful healing space.
Usually my Clients see this with my work with Trance Healing – Quantum shift Healing.

The importance of frequency of light as self consciousness is illustrated in both science and spirituality. As frequency of embodied light reaches higher and higher thresholds I suggest it becomes more stable and consistent and in healing terms more potent in transmutation of darkness/ density.

In terms of quantum physics this shifts the odds towards profound and positive healing outcomes. Eventually the healing process becomes highly consistent because the frequency of light in the space the client is held is stable and high frequency, contains minimal variance and dissolves all density. Light is a dual complementary reality quite literally, manifesting itself through itself within us and within all.

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Embodied frequency of light reflects our consciousness and capacity to heal ourselves and each other. Teaching people how to access their inherent divine healing capacity through embodiment of light and illumination of darkness is part of my purpose and working on expanding consciousness is my mission!


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