Life Between Lives – Experience The Moments Of Your Afterlife!

Have you ever thought what you did after you finished a particular life before incarnating into a new one.

Lot of work goes into moving into a new physical life before to actually come into our incarnation. At the moment people are truly unaware of this Completely as Amnesia kicks in as soon the soul enters the body.

Some do have a vague understanding or déjà vu or this also plays as a recording in dream state at times for some. But to truly experience this we can move in Theta brain wave length to tap into this reality in self hypnotic state.

life after lives meditation

As a Practitioner of QHHT I also work in greater deal with Life between Lives and past life regressions to get some deeper answers one on one with my clients – but I’ve created this Deep Hypnotic Meditation that you can help self induce yourself to go through this experience all by yourself in your own time💚🙏🌈

Life Between Lives is a deep hypnotic regression to that very special time a soul spends in spirit between incarnations. During an LBL you experience yourself as an immortal soul, meet your guides, loved ones, and otherwise, beings who help you explore your soul lessons, life’s purpose, and other questions that you have prepared for the session.

During this time in spirit many experience healing, unconditional love, and oneness with all things. Life Between Lives is a profound life transforming experience.

life after lives meditation

The reality of reincarnation has now been established, and several cases have been investigated which strongly validate the details of a past life uncovered during deep hypnotic regression. Life Between Lives therapy is used to explore the period from the death of one earth’s life and the start of the next life – The Afterlife.

Finding out your soul’s purpose in your present life and get direct answers to any other questions that you would like to ask about your present or past lifetimes. You will get an understanding that our lives are not accidents. They offer opportunities for each of us to change and grow in every life.

Seeing ourselves as immortal spiritual beings liberates us to make changes and bring more harmony of mind and body into our lives. A Life Between Lives shows you your life issues and helps you acknowledge your strengths giving you the confidence to meet the challenges and opportunities that you have been facing in your present life.

Other benefits of a Life Between Lives session include a:

  • Broadened perspective on life and spirituality.
  • Sense of being guided and watched over.
  • Loss of fear and worry about your life and the future.
  • A clearer sense of your life’s purpose.
  • Decreased fear of death.
  • And confidence in the divine that you are guided and LOVED.

Please try this free Meditation that I’ve created not only to watch and re-experience your life between lives but also an Akashic Record access to some of your questions that you still would like to know💚🙏🌟🌈

Please share this video to whom you feel might help in a greater deals to remember the facts that they may have forgotten 💚🙏

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