Psychic Abilities – Do You Possess One?

Am I psychic? Why do I feel the presence of some energy around me? How am I able to predict future events in my dreams? If you have ever been left puzzled by such questions, it simply means you are a born psychic. Yes, you have read it right. Everyone is born with psychic abilities. Some of them understand the magnificent powers they have within themselves and nurture them throughout their life, while some might get scared and forget to embrace the divinity in them.

Since the beginning of recorded history, psychic abilities possessed by humans have been a contentious topic. Such individuals have had the immense power to look beyond the physical realm and mingle into the vast spiritual field.

Though, throughout the history of mankind, psychic abilities have been a topic of constant debate. Many scientific experts think it to be a mere fictional concept of the human mind, while renowned shamans, mystics, and doctors have very well experienced the magic of the same human mind.

It is not right to attribute psychic powers to only a few individuals. Because, as the truth goes, each one of us has psychic abilities lying active or dormant within us. The moment you accept the fact of having supernatural abilities, you may not find it difficult to hone your spiritual skills further.


Let’s focus on our thoughts! I have always said to my clients across the globe, that thoughts are those invisible tiny seeds that could make or break your world. Those who have leveled up their psychic abilities know the high importance of it. People with increased psychic abilities control matter simply with their thoughts and willpower.

Thought – finer than ether and faster than the speed of light. In a way, thoughts are living things. It means your mind is like a wireless machine. What you think is what you attract. Think of peace, abundance & positivity and see how your mind becomes a magnet to attract the same. Control your thoughts and become an architect of your destiny.

Be it alchemy or connecting with higher dimensional entities, be it having supernatural healing strength or an ability to carry out telekinesis or say telepathy, it all starts and ends up with your strong thought power.

In order to have positive thoughts, one must need to practice mindful thinking which can be achieved through a powerful guided meditation. I offer my healing energies in the weekly guided meditation classes conducted on Zoom. This has immensely helped many of my students and clients globally to be less anxious and have a positive approach towards life. In this live meditation classes, I take you up through a spiritual cleansing of your energy blockages and help you realize your true inner potential and psychic abilities.

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You are a born psychic. You have been gifted with some amazing psychic abilities that just need some time to develop through constant practice. Psychics are referred to as those people who have an extraordinary ability to see, hear, talk, feel, taste, and intuition about things that are normally hidden from this physical realm. Psychic skills are an innate ability to process sensory information, both tangible and intangible on an extremely deep physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

In my long career as a psychic medium and channeller, I have seen some of my clients not being fully aware of what an immense spiritual power they have. Truly, there are people out there who would discredit and label such powers as being a scam or fraud. Children showing their spiritual side are also controlled and brainwashed in subsiding their inner wisdom. But the moment you divorce this concept from deception, you would find it easy to tap into your extrasensory powers.


Well, there is no need for a crystal ball or an Ouija board to know this. You don’t even need a psychic ability tarot card spread for this too. I have seen children being more psychic than a well-experienced adult. As we grow, we are often conditioned to believe in facts over feelings. Hence, we start to believe, emotions and intuitions are simply antithetical to science and logic. The question is, for how long will you suppress your psychic abilities? For how long will you not see that psychic ability mark?

Your psychic abilities are not completely lost. They are lying dormant within you. It needs a spark of ignition to fully load those powers into action.

The moment you remove your chakra blockages and clean them by working thoroughly on them, you allow the life energy to flow in a natural rhythmic manner in you. With this, the subconscious side of yours find it easier to unleash the psychic ability you have been uniquely gifted with. I also work with your energy and heal it, helping you out clearing energy blockages to raise your consciousness is my mission.


There are various psychic abilities one can possess. I am listing some of the widely known ones. Let’s see which one do you possess or do have mastery over all of them?


Telepathy is not a myth or a fiction of the human mind. It has now been proven by science to some extent. The history of Telepathy goes back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians who believed the dead spoke to them through dreams. Telepathy in the real sense is the direct communication from one mind to another. It is the psychic ability to perceive the thoughts of other people without using any recognized senses.

Weren’t there times when you thought about someone and they phoned you after some time? Were there moments in your life where you and your close one had the same thought at the same time? That, what I called as pure telepathy. Now, the ability to influence someone’s thoughts or beliefs comes under mind control. There have been several instances where the spirit guides of my clients contacted me through telepathy. Some people might even use psychic ability sigil to improve their spiritual powers and have a soul awakening.


Just as we have 5 senses – to see, hear, taste, feel and smell. We also have respective intuitions corresponding to each of our physical senses. These 4 Clairs of intuition are;

  • Clairvoyance: This psychic ability gives you a picture or an image in your mind about your past lives or a future event that is about to happen. You might get a vision of an accident about to happen in a nearby place or see who is about to knock on your door. By properly using this psychic power, you could harness a life full of peace and harmony.
  • Clairaudience: I being clairaudient have several experiences of someone talking in my mind. The tone of such a voice is mostly peaceful and serene. In clairaudience, you would receive a very short and crisp message.
  • Clairempathy: This is the most common intuitive power existing in us. Here, a person would be able to sense other people’s or their environment’s energy without much difficulty. Many of my clients find it easier to connect with me because of my clairempathy.
  • Clairsentience: Clairsentient is the power to sense or feel others’ emotions physically. During my client interaction, I could feel the pain they have had been going through, be it of recent surgery or a current ailment. I could even sense the type of person they are – serious or bubbly, talkative or silent, introvert or an extrovert, just before talking to them on call.

You could even read my client’s sweet testimonials of how my psychic gifts help eased their real life problems and traumas in a healing way. Read my high paying clients testimonials on my psychic abilities services and get amazed.


Another major sign of you being a psychic is encountering prophetic dreams or visions before the happening of a said event. These visions can be really scary, intense, or a mere flash in your mind. It can happen when you are all alone or surrounded by people.

It may also happen when you are visiting some historical place or a location that is totally new to you. Do not disregard it to be a déjà vu, it actually is an indication of you being a psychic.

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Dreams are portals, where our subconscious self is highly active and help us get in touch with the psychic gifts we possess for lifetimes. Some people even astral project while they are asleep. Astral Projection is the extraordinary ability to wilfully manifest out-of-body experiences. You can move into the other side of the world, experience it, meet supernatural entities, and come back to your body as if nothing happened.


A medium is a person who brings information from the spirit world to someone here on Earth. Medium is just a vessel, a mediator between the two worlds in order to help or guide others. Most psychic mediums including myself have been able to hear and sense spirits around us. The spirits come through us to talk to their loved ones, to warn them of something, or to guide them on what to do next in this world without them. The same has happened during the mediumship sessions with some of my clients.

Though not everybody becomes a medium, it is especially transmitted down the generations. Now, if you are getting signs from someone who is now on the higher side of life, honour it by acknowledging such signs and you will get to receive more of it. Being a medium is a rare phenomenon. I also do not believe in one of these psychic ability quotes that those who are psychics are not always a medium, but all the mediums are psychic.

I always lovingly tell my clients that we are never alone. We are always surrounded by the energies of our loved ones, spirit guides, ancestors, and higher dimensional entities. We may not see them outright, but they always make their presence felt at all right times.

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You might be seeing a colour emanating around people. That is called an aura. Have you seen a bob of light rolling around you or at some specific places? These might be spirits or higher dimensional entities trying to get in touch with you. Not everybody could see such lights around them and if you can, it means you are not an ordinary person.

It may sound trite, but one of the best ways to access your psychic abilities is through your subconscious mind. Build a healthy divine relationship with your subconscious self, try to become more comfortable with it. Once done, you will realize the amazing fluidity between the worlds and the psychic power inside you.


The power to move, influence, manipulate and interact with objects comes under this umbrella term of psychic powers called telekinesis. In parapsychology, it is also referred to as psychokinesis. Telekinesis is a psychic ability that can be done both from a distance and without any physical contact.

You can activate telekinesis or psychokinesis through sheer power of your concentration, conscious efforts, strict discipline and emotions of a particular intensity. With this, depending upon the psychokinesis capability you achieve, you may become telekinetic that would control anything at all the sub atomic, particle and universal level.

Few examples of powers you can hold after becoming telekinetic are;

  • Attracting and averting objects towards you
  • Calling an object to your hand
  • Binding the object that is not letting it move
  • Telekinetic grip and choking
  • Telekinetic manoeuvre, to change an object’s directional course
  • Telekinetic strike, that is putting pressure on an object to damage it
  • Telekinetic push and pull
  • Telekinetic strength, that is augmenting your full strength in say, punching through a steel wall
  • Telekinetic attacks, of using your psychokinesis power to counteract various attacks on you.
  • Weather manipulation, maybe to cause a lightning in your vicinity
  • Reality warping, to change the reality of one’s local surrounding by bending the quantum strings.

Though, the list of what all telekinesis or psychokinesis can do for you is limitless. The above ones are simply exhaustive examples of the same. One such psychokinesis ability is levitation too, it is discussed separately below.


Now imagine defying gravity! It is also one of the most practiced psychic abilities among the most awoke and spiritual lot of the human race. Levitation is a spiritual power of lifting your body against the gravity. Though, such a highly evolved psychic power can be traced back only to saints, witches and spiritualist mediums.


The soul reading this blog and all of those inhabiting this world is psychic in their own special ways. Some of us are better at unwrapping and manifesting our inner gifts and some are not. We all have intuitive capabilities, but whether to choose to use them or to forget them in pursuit of worldly affairs, lies in our hands. I hope we end up making the right choice.

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