What Is QHHT – QHHT Heals Your Mind, Body & Soul!

To know what is QHHT , try to first ponder upon those several instances in your life where you had felt the urgent calling to discover about yourself and the ultimate life purpose. You might be needing answer to the questions like, as to why you feel phobia towards heights, water, or certain animals. Why a particular event in the present life triggers a very painful chord in your heart?

There exists a profound reason why you go through what you go through. As per the renowned psychic Dolores Cannon, you surely can find out the answers to such deep rooted questions by a method called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique [QHHT].

What Is QHHT?

QHHT is a technique created and developed by the late Dolores Cannon, which helps to tap into the infinite wisdom of the subconscious mind and allows you to experience instantaneous healing. It is independent of your gender, age, beliefs, cultural background, and even physical symptoms.

QHHT deals with the quantum side of healing and not the sensory one. Here the focus center is the subconscious mind or says the higher self or an over soul. This powerful technique allows you to talk with your guides or receiving messages from your higher self during an altered state of mind.

This method does not just deal with hypnosis and past life regression. It has more to do with the healing of your soul. That is, it deals with finding answers to your issues, permanently solving the traumas and problems persisting in your present life.

Why You Must Get QHHT Done – Reason Behind It?

Nikki Dutta, the QHHT Level 2 practitioner, says the reason to get it done is to know about all problems an individual has brought forward as a soul imprint into this present life.

She stresses the fact that you might have done something in one of your lives & might be holding onto it really tight. With the help of your guides & higher self, you would get to know the areas of concern troubling you for lifetimes.

Nikki says the moment you try to unshackle yourself from the hidden and suppressed emotions, that is where QHHT would help to unload the pain & begin the much-needed healing of the soul.


What is QHHT Nikki Dutta The Tranquility UK QHHT Practitioner Psychic Healer

Nikki Dutta, QHHT Practitioner at The Tranquility [Call From Beyond]

What Actually Happens In QHHT?

As said, QHHT is carried out during the theta or an altered state of mind, which happens when you are about to sleep or just woke up from your sleep. This is the sweet spot where this technique is worked upon.

You would be induced in the deepest level of hypnosis called as the somnambulistic state of trance through a guided visualization. This way, you would establish a connection with your higher self which holds profound wisdom to your consciousness.

What Are Higher Self / Subconscious Mind / Over Soul & Guides:

It needs to be understood that we are all energies vibrating at a certain frequency. We are a living consciousness that holds all the information about ourselves including all our past lifetimes. And consciousness never dies, it keeps carrying on!

This information is present innately in all of us. It is the key that holds the invaluable knowledge and powerful wisdom about you in its entirety. And it lies just below the ‘conscious mind’. Hence, Dolores Cannon called it to be the ‘subconscious mind’ or ‘higher self’ or the ‘over soul’.

Whereas, ‘Guides’ can be ascended masters, your loved ones who have passed away, spirits from different lifetimes, and realms who are appointed to guide you through this present life.

The subconscious mind unlocks all the hidden issues and suppressed emotional and mental traumas lingering around since different lifetimes. That is how; these all get imprinted on your soul.

QHHT practitioners, use this “soul imprint” & the subconscious mind to access client’s past lives and begin their healing.

Nikki Dutta at The Tranquility [call from beyond] has her personalized modality to metaphysically tap into your subconscious and turn on your holistic healing when it is appropriate.

What Is The Process of QHHT?

Note: Firstly, you must know about the time duration of the QHHT session. It takes about 5 – 6 hours easily. On contrary, you would not even realize how quickly time passed by.

Here is the step by step process of your QHHT session:

  • Interview/Chit Chat Session:This is called talk therapy or the informal chit chat session as Nikki calls it to be. You would be made so comfortable in Nikki, your QHHT facilitator’s presence that would make you share your heart out to her.And voila! This is the 1st step to healing. When you talk about what is bothering you, even without realizing that you would ever share such intimate information. You are basically letting it all out and finally letting it go to invite much awaited healing to your soul.


  • Regression: With the guidance of Nikki, you would feel relaxed and letting go of all worries. Upon relaxing, she would be guiding you to relive from one to three lifetimes – past, future, or other parallel lives, lives on different dimensions, realms & planets.Your QHHT facilitator Nikki at The Tranquility [Call From Beyond] would be guiding you through an appropriate past life. Starting from the very 1st scene you would see to various periods of that life and eventually through the death scene.The subconscious mind would be selecting that particular past life as it holds relevance to the present life of yours.It might also happen that multiple past lives are shown in a single QHHT session.Now talking about the experience during the regression, it would either come in form of seeing pictures, hearing a voice in your head, some body sensations and intuitive feelings or simply becoming the person from that particular lifetime.

    Each session will be divinely guided; you would see what you are supposed to see. It is your higher self, showing you what you must need to know now.

  • Higher Self: After reliving your past life, you are in the deepest possible state of mind, the theta state. This way, you have already begun talking to your multidimensional self. As your “rational or ego mind” is present all the time, because of which you might think, you are simply awake and making this all up, while this is not the case.
  • Review: After you come out of your deep regression state, Nikki would spend time talking to you about what all you experienced. How it all impacted you, what changes your higher self asked you to incorporate in the present waking life.

Session can also be recorded if the client wants so. You need to inform Nikki about this before beginning the QHHT session of yours with her.

On Whom QHHT Can Be Carried Out?

QHHT is open for all. Anyone who wishes to find out the permanent one stop solution to their confusing issues is welcomed by Nikki to be properly facilitated during their QHHT session.

How QHHT Helps In Making Present Life Free From Illnesses & Traumas?

QHHT & healing are synonymous with each other. Nikki in her splendid career as a psychic healer for years has seen how QHHT deeply impacts her clients.

She says the powerful and all wise subconscious [SC] mind would help you identify any physical or mental issue. It also explains the causes for its presence. That can be either from current life or lingering around since past lifetime(s).

Then it is asked if healing is suitable and can readily happen, then SC would let you know depending upon the soul contract you signed before reincarnating on Earth.

Though healing would begin when you are willing, responsive, and mentally ready for it. But if the present problem is caused due to your own free will and decision, then SC would not like to interfere here.

What is QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Nikki Dutta The Tranquility UK QHHT Practitioner

What Has Been Healed In Nikki’s QHHT Session:

Healing fruitfully happened for the clients of Nikki who were suffering from;

  • Migraine
  • Epilepsy
  • Sleep issues
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Weight issues
  • Fertility issues
  • Cystic Fibroid
  • Cancer – mouth, breast, pancreatic, and others
  • Hip Bone Surgery
  • Tumors
  • Phobias/fears
  • Digestive issues
  • Blocked arteries/veins
  • “Permanent” nerve damage
  • Repair from car accidents
  • Back issues
  • Neck & Shoulder Pains
  • Diabetes
  • Hair Loss
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Chronic knee issues
  • Faulty eyesight corrected
  • Open wounds regenerated without scarring
  • Every type of pain
  • Heart conditions
  • Lungs associated problems
  • The cartilage between joints restored

Though it is rightly said, no evidence is required for a believer. But no amount of evidence would be sufficient for a non – believer.

How Can You Prepare For QHHT Process?

Nikkiyour clairvoyant QHHT facilitator, would like to advise you to be prepared with your own set of questions.

Let the questions be silly or deep, be it about your life purpose or trying to spiritually heal your broken hip bone. Your higher self would answer all of it, and that too very quickly without any honey coating any of it.

In case you struggle to come up with questions that need to be asked, the higher self / subconscious mind would still be giving you messages. These messages would be very healing and packed with lots of wisdom and timeless love.

They would let you know what you need to do in this current life, which path to follow, what mentality to shun, what and how to heal in order to evolve your consciousness better.

Misconceptions About QHHT:

    • No Self – Awareness: This is a big misconception that you would be ‘unconscious’ during the QHHT session.In fact, you would be very well aware of everything during your quantum healing.Nikki, your quantum healer has a record of clients who shed have tears during their QHHT session. They have been so aware of what their higher self wants to convey to them and that is exactly what led them to get emotional.
    • Only For Spiritual People: QHHT is open for everyone! Be it a reiki master or someone who has never meditated once in their entire life, it is for all. Whether you are logical & do not believe in spirits or are scared of the same, it still is for all.
    • Just Does Spiritual Healing & Nothing Else: It covers all sorts of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.
    • Cannot Visualize Anything During QHHT Process: Nikki has seen many clients complain that they cannot visualize anything after getting hypnotized. Some of them might see varied colours; others might see it in black & white or just simply nothing!She suggests following the gut feeling rather than focusing on “why I could not see anything while receiving messages from my higher self?” 
    • QHHT Is Unsafe: Another popular misinformation that is widely spread that people think they would not know what to speak when hypnotized.They think they would be in some state of anaesthesia and would be completely off during the QHHT process.While the truth is the opposite of it, you would be well aware and receptive to your higher self’s messages.It is your ego mind, which likes to question a lot & makes you doubt on the existence of the intuitive side of your brain. Therefore, QHHT is absolutely safe!

Any Precautions For QHHT:

Nikki advises her clients not to have any caffeine beverages or simulated drinks on the day of the QHHT session. This one small loophole might not lead to a successful unravelling of your subconscious and might hamper the QHHT process.

How Nikki’s Modality Is Unique Among Other QHHT Facilitators:

Nikki Dutta is a born medium and natural healer. Besides doing QHHT on her clients, she is also a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT] & Neuro – Linguistic Programming [NLP] therapist.

She uses her innate psychic gifts to help clients with Past Life Regression [PLR] and also retrieves the Akashic Records. She makes the best use of all these psychic abilities during your QHHT session. You would also be receiving help from Nikki’s spiritual guides.

Nikki being a super observant clairvoyant can see energy flowing around you! She could assess how your healing is being carried around collectively by your guides, ascended masters, and other entities along with her energies too.
In this way, the channeler Nikki would help your guides come through her and help you out in receiving the healing messages.

Nikki Dutta at The Tranquility rightfully says, “you are never alone, you always have the love and support flowing around!”


A Personal Note By Nikki Dutta:

Though, the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is carried out in person. I, being an Active Operational Remote Viewer also deal with clients virtually, at their convenience.

So grab up this once in a lifetime opportunity to get rid of your physical, mental & emotional pain!
with psychic healer & QHHT Level 2 Practitioner, Nikki Dutta at your comfort.

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